European Shakespeare Festivals Network (ESFN) brings together the key festivals across Europe who present Shakespeare from an international perspective. Its mission is to encourage collaboration across the various festivals, and to develop new opportunities and possibilities for theatre and performance makers who want to work with Shakespeare.

ESFN are delighted to announce a call for a small-scale production which will be invited to the member festivals during 2024.

The rules:

  • The production can be a reworking of a Shakespeare text or a piece derived from Shakespeare’s plays.
  • It must be around 60-80 minutes in length.
  • There must be a maximum of 5 in the total touring company and at least 2 actors – this is not a call for a solo show.
  • There should be no touring set, basic elements such as chairs or stage blocks, can be provided by the festivals, and all props and costumes should be able to travel with the actors as standard luggage in no more than 2 normal suitcases.
  • The ESFN will offer performances at least four member festivals – currently including festivals in the UK, Germany, Romania and Poland during April – August 2024.

All festivals will pay the chosen company that festival’s regular performance fee for all performances given – and in addition will provide accommodation and some local transport. Depending upon where the chosen company is travelling from, each festival will work with the company to fund international travel.

Deadline: 31 October 2023

Read more and apply here