Fringe Society’s honorary President Phoebe Waller-Bridge launches new £100k fund for artists.

Fringe Society has announced the launch of the ‘Keep it Fringe’ fund, a new initiative to support Fringe artists.

This fund, supported by the Fleabag for Charity campaign and funds donated to the Fringe Society, will distribute 50 bursaries of £2,000 to individual artists or companies bringing work to the Fringe in 2023.

What is the fund?  

The total fund is £100,000, distributed as 50 awards of £2,000. These funds are designed to help artists on their Fringe 2023 journey and can be spent on any costs associated with their show. The Fringe Society will award 100% of the funding up-front and there will be no end-of-grant reporting required.

Alongside the fund, the Fringe Society is launching a pilot programme with Smarty Grants to help capture long-term insight into the career development of Fringe artists. There will also be an engagement programme for award recipients, comprising a range of opportunities to maximise the value of the funding; further details will be shared in the lead-up to August.

Who is the fund for?  

The fund is for individual artists and companies bringing work to the Fringe in 2023.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Your show must be registered in the 2023 Fringe (registration will be confirmed before funds are paid, but does not have to be completed when you apply, and you can register anytime up to and during the Fringe).
  • You must be a UK-based performer, or applying on behalf of a UK-based performer.
  • You must be presenting live and in-person performance.

How do artists apply for it?

The Fringe Society anticipates there will be an excess demand for funding which will require assessments to be made. The application will ask the following questions:

  • Tell us about your show and what stage you’re at in your plans for Fringe 2023. (200 words)
  • What will you spend your £2,000 Fringe 2023 funding on? (200 words)
  • Tell us what you hope to achieve in Fringe 2023 and your ambitions for your show. (200 words)

The Fringe Society team will host an online webinar on Wednesday 08 March at 16:00 GMT, where artists will have the opportunity to find out more and ask questions. A recording of the webinar will be available to watch on Fringe Connect after the event.

Applications open at 12pm 10th March 2023

Deadline 12pm 24th March 2023

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