Future Foundation is a mentoring programme which aims to match experienced practitioners to artists and creative freelancers who request help and support. This help will include: mentoring in career and practice development; practical skills and advice on personal planning; identifying and applying for funding, and the acquisition of new practical and technical skills for working in post-COVID-19 environments.

 Following a successful recruitment call earlier in the year, this current call for mentors/mentees runs from Monday 16th August and will close on 5pm on Monday 6th September.

We are particularly interested in hearing from mentors and mentees in the Mid Ulster, Derry-Londonderry and Strabane areas, and from mentors with an expertise in music.

Mentee Eligibility.

Mentees must:

·      Have two years’ experience within Creative and Cultural Industries

·      Not be in full-time education

·      Primarily be based in Northern Ireland

·      Be interested in developing/adapting new approaches and learning new skills

Successful applicants will need support in one/or more of the following areas:

·      Developing new approaches to working in Creative and Cultural Industries

·      Enhancing practical skills and getting advice on career advancement

·      Identifying and applying or rethinking options of financing

·      Acquiring new practical and technical skills for working in post-COVID-19 environments

·      Using or adapting technology to market, promote, and expand their products or services

Mentee Application process

Please apply by completing this form

Mentor Eligibility.

Mentors should have at least five years’ experience within the Cultural and Creative Industries and be able to evidence at least three years’ experience in offering mentoring support. Examples of such mentoring experience might include but are not restricted to:

  • Mentoring colleagues in a work capacity
  • Mentoring staff though involvement in arts or community organisations
  • Mentoring in an educational context
  • Mentoring in a career support scheme

Mentor requirements

All successful mentors will be added to the mentoring bank and will be expected to:

  • Complete a training course before commencing mentoring
  • Complete a maximum of 5 sessions per mentee within a 1 year period (or equivalent).
  • Mentor up to a maximum of 8 individuals


Mentor Application process

Please apply by completing this form

For more information on the programme please visit

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in contact.