Grant Programmes
We have two grant programmes which depend on the size of the grant being requested – the processes are slightly different so please see below.

Regular Grants
For applications below £100,000.  These applications are reviewed by our Trustees on an ongoing basis so there are no specific deadlines to worry about.  You can apply when you are ready and when your plans and priorities are sufficiently clear to be able to make a compelling case – see our guidelines for details of what to include.

Major Grants
For application of £100,000 or more. These are reviewed at one of the Foundation’s eight Board meetings a year and are carefully planned in advance to be fair to all applicants.  If you are considering applying for a major grant, please start by sending a one page summary to our Grants Officer, Ciara Molloy via outlining what you are raising funds for, the total cost and fundraising target.  We can give you bespoke guidance on whether you are eligible.  Please note that if you are applying for £100,000 or more we typically expect your project and/or annual income to be in excess of £1 million.  Please do not apply for a major grant through our website.

Types of Grant
The types of grant we make, whatever their size, tend to fall into one of three categories – Capital, Revenue (often called ‘core costs’) and Project work.  The most important thing is that you apply for what you need as this will be your priority and therefore the most compelling for our Trustees.

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