The Community Grants Programme can support day to day activities of a charity and new/existing projects. It covers a wide range of costs including, rent and running costs, materials and equipment and salaries.

The average grant is approximately ÂŁ4,500. They may not be in a position to offer you all that you have requested, however will discuss viability with you. Please continue to understand what other charities and the government is doing in your field, and ensure that what you propose fits in.

Grants are only open to charities operating in Northern Ireland. Please do not apply if you are serving another region of the UK or beyond.

Charitable Status

The following groups may apply:

Charities registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
Charities registered with other charity regulators such as OSCR in Scotland, Charity Commission for England and Wales or Charity Regulator in the Republic of Ireland, PROVIDING the project you wish to apply for will benefit people from Northern Ireland.
In order to obtain funding from Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland, it is a requirement that your paperwork is up to date with CCNI. Please ensure you file your returns as normal, and on time.

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