Inclusive Dance Cork* (IDC) is a training programme open to dance and movement practitioners interested in learning inclusive dance methods. Taking place monthly from January through May 2024, IDC is geared towards enthusiastic dancers with and without disabilities including dance practitioners, teachers, and professional artists. The programme was initially conceived by Yvonne Coughlan, chairperson of Dance Cork Firkin Crane, and other partners including Suisha Inclusive Arts – Cope Foundation. Inclusive Dance Cork’s current partners are University College Cork, Cork Education and Training Board, Suisha Inclusive Arts – Cope Foundation, the Community Foundation for Ireland, and Dance Cork Firkin Crane.

*Originally titled Integrated Dance Cork, the use of Inclusive in the programme name was introduced in July 2022, as a more appropriate and contemporary term.


IDC runs over five 2-day blocks, one 5-day intensive, and one 4-day intensive from January to May 2024, taking place at Dance Cork Firkin Crane.

To Register your Interest

If you are interested in joining IDC or would like further information about the course, please email IDC Project Coordinator Kaylie Streit at

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