A creative network for theatre makers running from January – November 2023

What is Incubate?

Tinderbox are establishing a brand-new network for Theatre
Makers in Belfast, called INCUBATE. This network will create
space for artistic connection, communication and creativity.
The development of the network will be facilitated and led by
Tinderbox, but guided by the artists involved. Together we
will establish an environment for the development of ideas
supported by a network of artistic peers.

Our aim is that during their engagement with the network,
artists will be supported to develop their own craft and
practice; to nurture their creativity and artistic selves; to
further theatre making in our community.
Throughout the duration of the network, each engaged artist
will develop their own practice and body of work; this might
be working on a new piece for presentation, creating a body
of research, or exploring routes for presentation both on this
island and internationally.

This is not a job opportunity or a direct commission to work
with Tinderbox. Rather it is a space to develop yourself as an
artist and develop your work, supported by a network of
peers and facilitated by Tinderbox Theatre Company.


Tinderbox really truly believe in the power of artists – of individuals or groups
of creatives who are using theatre in innovative ways to explore our
world and create new ideas or questions for the stage.
Tinderbox want to nurture and encourage the Theatre Makers in our city and
community to use their artistic practice to create work which, by its
existence, challenges and questions the structures and hierarchies
that we live and work in.

Tinderbox believe in the power of art to make change in our society, but for
that to happen – artists need to believe in themselves. Tinderbox want to
create a space for artists to come together to be artists. To
experiment, collaborate, and question in a space that is safe,
respectful and without the pressure of judgement.
This is your permission to be an artist. This is your invitation to make
work supported by Tinderbox and a network of peers.

Who is it for?

This opportunity is for people who are Theatre Makers.
By this, they mean those who make theatre outside the traditionally defined
structures that are used to in theatre production.
This might mean you are a writer/performer, a performer making a solo show,
a dancer who uses video, a maker who works with a focus on devising, an
illustrator using projection and music, or an ensemble or individual who are
artistic/theatrical jack-of-all-trades. The term Theatre Maker is open and self-defining. Tinderbox believe it to be a fluid and welcoming term.
All the team members at Tinderbox started their careers this way – and
continue this as part of their practice today. They believe that this is where and
how some of the most existing work gets made.

Where & When?

The sessions will take place in person in Belfast.
There will be some opportunity for online engagement where access needs
necessitate this.
You will work in a variety of sites – exploring the potential of using traditional
and non-traditional sites for making theatre and performance.
The first iteration of the network will run from January – November 2023.
Our first facilitated session will be in January 2023.
You will then meet, with check-ins and artistic support sessions provided by
Tinderbox and the network.

Application Form

For more information and to apply contact alice.malseed@tinderbox.org.uk