14 Aug 2021



A dance-theatre film, co-produced by Powerstone, Tinderbox and DU Dance. Little Stranger focuses on the experience of Asha, a refugee child who has fled her native country and is now a little stranger in a foreign land.  Overwhelmed and confused by unfamiliar surroundings, she is portrayed as a faceless paper doll, finding refuge in a town where new arrivals are made welcome.  The film is shot on location in Dungannon and the performers are drawn from two youth dance groups, whose families hail from many different countries across the world. The film will be streamed online and followed by a live panel discussion about the issues arising from Asha’s story. Booking is not required, details of how to watch the event live will be shared 24 hours before the event begins.

To tune in, head over to the festival’s website here.

Little Stranger is supported by Community Relations Council NI and the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.