A Branar Initiative, supported by Arts Council of Ireland Creative Production Services Award.

Meitheal is a creative supports initiative committed to the development, creation and presentation of performing arts for young audiences across Ireland. Devised and initiated by Branar, this is a pilot scheme funded by the Arts Council. Meitheal provides independent artists, at all stages of their careers, with a suite of bespoke and agile supports at key stages of their creative cycle. This will enable them to realise their artistic goals and achieve sustainable practice. Through partnership and collaboration with established organisations/mentors in Ireland and internationally, Meitheal will enhance the capacity and the confidence of the sector to deliver great work for young audiences.

Applications for participating artists are now open. Closing date for applications: Monday 31 January at 4:00pm

Meitheal will facilitate artists presenting work for young audiences to:

  • Sustain, explore and expand their practice
  • Rigorously interrogate their own work in a supportive environment
  • Broker and forge relationships with presenters and potential co-producers
  • Develop through peer support by means of national and international exchange and mentorship
  • Cultivate opportunities for presentation and touring, locally, nationally and internationally

Meitheal supports are divided into two distinct strands to help artists at different stages in the development of their work. These strands are “Seed & Sow” and “Nurture & Grow”.

“Seeds and Sow” is for early concept development across the performing arts disciplines.

“Nurture and Grow” is for further development of potential or existing productions.

See below for further information and application forms: