Theatre and Dance NI were delighted to host the fourth session in our Mental Health and Wellbeing Series – Mindfulness and Movement.

We were delighted to be joined by Fiona Montgomery who led participants in a one hour mindfulness session. The session covered the practices of;

  • Awareness of breath and body
  • Mindful movement
  • Taking in the Good.

Fiona provided attendees with a useful resource document around introduction to Mindfulness which can be accessed by Clicking Here.

Following Fiona’s session – Suzannah McCreight delivered an exploring movement session. Suzannah, a choreographer and movement educator, guided participants in a session that explored how aspects of Laban’s movement concepts can transform a performer’s sensation of movement in the body; through somatic explorations connecting patterns of breathing with the body and the space.

We finished the session with a tea and coffee morning, with catering provided by Crescent Arts Centre. This allowed for a much needed catch up and a chance to discuss the morning sessions.

A massive thank you to all who attended, The Crescent Arts Centre and to our facilitators, Fiona and Suzannah!

Our next session in the series will be a Foraging trip at the end of the month – Details and sign up will soon be released!