This programme is one of a number of Support for Individual Artists Programme schemes currently open for application.\

You may apply to more than one scheme but you will only be awarded one grant in any funding round. If you choose to apply to more than one scheme:

You must complete a separate application form for each scheme

  • The projects within each application must be significantly different.
  • The Arts Council of Northern Ireland recognises and welcomes the diversity within our society.

In working to create the conditions for the widest variety of art and creativity for both artists and audiences through the Support for the Individual Artist Programme, seeking to address the barriers to access, progression and representation in the arts encountered by minority ethnic artists with this mentoring and residency scheme.

The aim is to support individual artists and creative practitioners from minority ethnic backgrounds and migrant backgrounds at every stage of their career.

Through this Minority Ethnic Artists Mentoring and Residency Programme the aim is to to create opportunities for specialised training, research, cultural exchanges, networking and learning for individual artists, creative practitioners and arts administrators from minority ethnic and migrant backgrounds.

Programme Aims

  • Increase opportunities for young and emerging minority ethnic artists.
  • The Arts Council particularly welcomes applications from emerging artists – an emerging artist is someone who is in the early stage of their career as a professional artist. They are developing their artist ‘voice’ and are in the process of establishing a reputation and recognition among critics, galleries, producers etc, and will have practised as a professional artist for less than 5 years.
  • Support arts workforce skill development and career pathways for young and emerging artists from minority ethnic and migrant backgrounds.
  • Inspire excellence through the support of high-quality, ambitious, innovative and imaginative opportunities for artists to collaborate with others.
  • Increase the capacity and opportunities for artists to take professional and creative risks.
  • Contribute to a vibrant and diverse workforce across the breadth of the creative and cultural industries.
  • Specifically, the scheme will fund residencies and mentoring opportunities through which applicants can develop their creative and professional practice.

Applicants are invited to shape a programme of support, tailored to their own needs and through wider collaboration.

Read more, and apply, via the Arts Council of Northern Ireland website here.

Deadline 31st August