Required – a dancer / performance artist, female, age 20-40, to create a dance routine in collaboration with the director, Glenn Marshall, about a woman who transforms into a fox.

It is for a short film, filmed in a Virtual Production studio (LED screen projections) with theatrical sets, cinematic lighting and film crew.

It is set in a Victorian era, with surreal, magical locations of forests and dream worlds.

The film is a metaphor of breaking free from conventions and finding liberation and joy in the wilderness.

What movements and motion would a woman go through in transforming into a fox?

How could she express herself in this new body and new world?

The piece will be set to music (to be provided).

There is a flat fee of £1,000 in total, to help choreograph a routine and for a 2 day shoot at the e3 building, Belfast Met Springvale Campus.  Shooting dates in late April (to be confirmed).

For the shoot, the dancer will be given costume and makeup to resemble a fox – and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) process will transform the final character into a dreamlike animated figure.

A previous film by the director ‘The Crow’, demonstrates a similar style and process.

This film will be the first of many projects, bringing together dance, art, theatre, music, Virtual Production and AI to synthesis a new form of film making and storytelling.

Please apply by contacting the director by email

Deadline 10th March 2023

You can see examples of Glenn’s work here