X’ntigone (after Sophocles’ Antigone) by Darren Murphy

World premiere co-production by Prime Cut Productions and the MAC, Belfast

The virus has ravaged Thebes. Millions are dead and the economy has tanked. Vaccinations have been administered and the Festival of Liberty is imminent. Things are finally about to change. The countdown is on but leader Creon and his quarantined niece, the self-identifying X’ntigone, have unfinished business before the celebrations can commence. What happens when old-world order meets a radical new world vision?

‘Sometimes a person needs to create an act that destroys the world because the world is broken’.

In this thrilling meditation on the Sophocles’ timeless Greek tragedy, political expediency meets the voice of a generation who want to tear down the power structures that have ill-served a crumbling state.

Darren Murphy’s X’ntigone is a fresh and vital discourse for our times, when even truth has been sacrificed at the altar of political gain and avarice.

For ease of reference, X’ntigone is pronounced Zan-tig-on-e.

Please join us for post show discussions on Wednesday 9 February following the 7:45pm performance and Thursday 10 February following the 1:30pm performance.

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