PRS Foundation – Open Fund for Organisations


Grants are available for any not-for-profit organisation based in the UK to support new music projects led by promoters, large performance groups, talent development organisations, venues, festivals and curators in the UK.

Current Status
Open for Applications
Maximum value:
ÂŁ 10,000

Objectives of Fund

The scheme is intended to help support, sustain and promote the growth of the new music infrastructure in the UK.

The Foundation’s funding priorities are:

  • To support the creation and performance of outstanding new music in any genre.
  • To enable the UK’s most talented music creators to realise their potential.
  • To inspire audiences at a local, regional, national and international level.

Value Notes

Organisations may apply for up to ÂŁ10,000.

Administration costs relating to the project can normally be funded to a maximum of 15% of total budget.

However, the Foundation recognises that flexible support is needed to maintain the sustainability of organisations due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. If organisations wish to apply for the additional support, it will consider applications where 20% of the total budget is allocated to administrative costs, and up to 25% for Festivals and Venues.

Who Can Apply

Applications to the Open Fund for Organisations are accepted from any not-for-profit organisations based in the UK with an eligible project. This includes:

  • Organisations that are limited by guarantee and/or a registered charity.
  • Promoters.
  • Talent development or composer development organisations.
  • Festivals.
  • Venues.
  • Curators.
  • Orchestras and large ensembles.
  • Community interest companies (CICs).
  • Non-music organisations including local authorities, museums, etc.

Eligible organisations can support one or more music creator(s). If the organisation’s selected music creator(s) has received support in the last 12 months – whether directly as a music creator or indirectly via an organisation – the Foundation may prioritise other projects.

The following are considered by PRS Foundation to be music creators:

  • Songwriters.
  • Composers.
  • Artists, bands, producers and performers who are writing their own music or commissioning other songwriters or composers.


Support through any of the Open Fund schemes is unavailable for:

  • Individuals in full-time education, unless an exception is made by the Grants Team.
  • Under 18s, unless represented by an adult with a valid DBS check.
  • Those resident outside of the UK.
  • Those without a track record of more than 18 months.
  • Projects where the lead composer/songwriter is a member of another Performance Rights Organisation (ie UK-based music creator must either be a member of PRS or should be in a position to join).
  • Companies limited by shares (although considered on a case-by-case basis).
  • Projects that contain no element of live performance or creation.
  • Technology projects (unless they contain a significant aspect of new music creation).
  • The purchase of vans and cars.
  • Bursaries, tuition/education costs or scholarships.
  • Capital projects (eg building work).
  • Any project raising funds for another charity.
  • Buying equipment.
  • Building a studio.
  • Organisations or projects that have been running for less than 18 months.
  • Music creators who do not have a track record of 18 months or more.
  • Retrospective activity (ie projects that have already taken place).
  • Activity that falls before our decision date.
  • Organisations based outside the UK.
  • Music creators based outside of the UK – projects can involve international music creators but such costs must clearly be covered elsewhere and the Foundation prioritises UK-based creators.
  • British music creators no longer permanently resident in the UK.
  • Composers and songwriters who are members of other performance rights collection societies.
  • International tours/international activity unless part of a majority-UK based project.
  • Radio stations/broadcasting costs.
  • Start-up companies or record labels.
  • A roster of artists on a record label or management company.
  • Living costs and salary costs.
  • Core funding.

Eligible Expenditure

The Open Fund for Organisations supports high-quality new music projects and not programmes. Projects must involve the creation, performance and promotion of new music and enable songwriters, composers, artists, bands and performers of all backgrounds to develop creatively and professionally. The Foundation will prioritise expenditure that will have a direct and obvious impact on music creator development.

Projects must fit with all three of the Foundation’s funding priorities:

  • To support the creation, performance and promotion of outstanding new music in any genre
    The Foundation is particularly interested in the quality of the music.
  • To enable the UK’s most talented music creators to realise their potential
    The Foundation is interested in how projects will develop the songwriters and composers involved and is committed to supporting UK-based songwriters and composers of all backgrounds.
  • To inspire audiences
    Applicants will be asked to outline who they are reaching and how. This includes audiences at a local, regional, national or international level.

Funding includes support of:

  • Creation of new music.
  • Music creator fee (to cover their time and work).
  • Touring and live performances/programming featuring new UK music.
  • Commissions of new music by UK-based creators.
  • Music creator residencies.
  • Recording and release.
  • Exciting community projects involving high-quality music creators.
  • Promotion and marketing (when there is also an element of creation and/or performance).

Support for and increased prioritisation of the following areas will be considered (on a case-by-case basis):

  • High-quality and innovative live broadcast or pre-recorded online content, which adheres to social distancing rules and is within government guidance at the time.
  • Innovative ideas for undertaking high-quality performances in new ways that will reach audiences.
  • Expenditure which will have a direct and obvious impact on music creator development.
  • Projects which involve repeat/multiple performances or clearly show potential for more performances by outlining future performance plans (one-off performances will only be funded in exceptional circumstances).

Funded projects must comply with the latest UK Government advice, lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures.

Projects should take place within one year of receiving the grant unless COVID-19 means a mutual agreement to extend timeframes is necessary.

How To Apply

The deadline for applications is 15 March 2022 (6pm).

There are three deadlines per calendar year. At the end of each deadline, PRS Foundation closes the online application form for up to 10 weeks while funding decisions are made.

The Open Fund for Organisations has a one-stage application process. Applicants must provide details about the project, how it will benefit the creators involved, the activity timeline and balanced budget in one application form.

Applications must be made via the online application form on the Foundation’s website.