Chloe Hillyar is a research PhD Student at Queen’s University Belfast. Her research investigates experiences of maternity in dance, and how a dedicated system of training might ensure safe physiological practice for freelance, maternal dancers. Consequently, she hopes to support the normalisation of the aesthetic and presence of maternal dancers within a dance training context, and thus contribute to normalising their participation in a professional, performance context. The research will be Practice-as-Research (PaR), and the process requires interdisciplinary research across dance and midwifery. The thesis will offer sectoral analysis within the theoretical context of maternal and feminist studies, offering principles for the facilitation of maternal dancers’ needs within the UK dance sector.

Chloe is currently recruiting interview participants.

Start date of the project: September 2021
End Date of the project: June 2025/26
Research period: 7/01/2022 – 06/01/2023

Research Setting:
Online interview of approximately one hour

Confidentiality and ethical approval:
Queen’s University Belfast’s School of Arts, English and Languages Ethics Committee has reviewed and approved this research project.  Supervisor, Dr Aoife McGrath holds ethical responsibility for this project.
All interviews will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams (via a link issued by the researcher), recorded, transcribed (by the researcher). Any data you share will be stored securely and confidentially. The data will be accessible only by the researcher, supervisor and potentially thesis and viva examiner upon request. You are welcome to be identified by your name or under a pseudonym. Pseudonyms will be given where anonymity is desired by the participant.

Inclusion Criteria:
To participate in this research, you must be:

Pregnant, or postpartum (from birth to up to 12 months)
A freelance professional dancer (you do not have to currently be in work/a contract to take part)
If you fit the following criteria and would like to participate in my PhD research as an interviewee, please contact the researcher’s email (found at the bottom of this advert).

Exclusion Criteria:
If you do not fall within this criterion but know someone who does and might be interested in taking part, forward this advertisement onto them.

Benefits to the participants:
By taking part, you will be contributing to an important and original study. Research at the intersection of dance and maternity is limited. In participating you will be providing a valuable contribution necessary for the acquisition and progression of new knowledge in this field. Your data will be used to evidence new recommendations for maternal dancers that will be applied to the dance industry in hope that it can reshape the sectors’ attitudes and practices towards maternity.

Contact details:
Name: Chloe Hillyar
Researcher’s Email: