British Council have developed the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Arts Cultural Exchange Open Call to provide grants to cultural organisations, festivals, artists, and creatives between the countries of SSA* and the UK to create art, build networks, collaborate and develop markets​ and share artists’ work with audiences.

“We have always supported international collaboration through our work in arts and culture, but as travel becomes more challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic and with ongoing questions about the sustainability of international travel in the light of the climate crisis, we’re now looking to facilitate that collaboration digitally.

Our new Cultural Exchange Open Call, building on previous open calls related to mobility, exchange and art making launches on 26 July 2021, supports organisations and individuals in SSA* and the UK to develop new ways of working internationally – allowing cultural exchange to flourish despite restrictions on global movement. We will prioritise projects which contribute to new narratives between countries of SSA and the UK. By this we mean projects that highlight / amplify less heard stories and perspectives of SSA in the UK and the UK in SSA. Find out more about our New Narratives research.

The emphasis will be on collaborating virtually to research or deliver digital arts projects with a partner based in the target countries and the UK.”

More information available at: SSA Arts Cultural Exchange Open Call