Join Terra Nova Productions for the first ever prototype performances of The Trumpet & The King, a play about two extraordinary teenagers John Blanke, black Tudor trumpeter, and Henry VIII, as they investigate power, talent and growing up.

Newtownards and Belfast tickets are available from Tuesday 14th – Sunday 19th June 2022. Newtownards performances will be in Queens Hall, Newtownards and Belfast performances will be in Vault Studios Theatre, East Belfast.

The Trumpet & The King tells the story of real historic figures, recently discovered through new historic research. It will be of interest to young and old who are passionate about history, the Tudors, Shakespeare, and theatre. Meticulously researched, the play covers a period of Henry VIII’s life prior to his break with Rome, changes to church and state that affect our history to this day.

In keeping with Terra Nova Productions’ intercultural mission, this play sits at the interface between Islam and Christianity, black and white ethnicity, immigrant and indigenous identity, exploring the role of power and talent in shaping lives.

Ultimately, however, it is a funny and heartrending embodiment of the warm, angry and potent friendship between two young men, united through their passion for music.

The script is a funny, moving, and accessible doorway into life at the youngest Tudor court, written and directed by Andrea Montgomery, who created the Belfast Tempest, Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Ulster Kama Sutra.

Support Terra Nova Productions, come to see the new show and help us launch it to the next step of its journey, a 2023 tour.

Suitable for ages 14+ or at parental discretion.

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