Theatre and Dance NI recently donated the combined archive of Theatre NI and Dance Resource Base to Linen Hall Library’s Theatre and Performing Arts Archive. These included Newspaper articles, DVD’s, VHS Tapes, leaflets and events related documents. 

The Linen Hall Library’s Theatre & Performing Arts Archive is the primary source of theatrical material from Northern Ireland. At present, the Archive comprises of several thousand original programmes, handbills, posters, photographs, letters, news cuttings
and major holdings of unpublished scripts.  

In addition to this; Linen Hall Library also provide access to an online Digital Theatre Archive which provides a wide range of resources and timelines that track the development of Performing Arts across Northern Ireland from 1736 to 2012. Any resources from 2012 onwards are only available in person at the Library. Click Here to visit Linen Hall Library’s Digital Theatre Archive. 

In addition to this, Theatre and Dance NI have spent the last year archiving their own resources, including previous versions of their website, and the Theatre NI and Dance Resource Base website. 

Using Internet Archive, a non-profit library of millions free websites, books, resources and more; we archived our old websites so that previous posts, information and events can be revisited for those who wish to find out more. Click Here to visit Internet Archive. 

When visiting Internet Archive, simply enter the website you wish to revisit by entering the address into the search bar (as highlighted below in the picture). This will bring you to the webpage and the available dates of when it was archived from. You can select a date, and if there is enough of the data archived, navigate through the website as it was from that specific date.  

Screenshot 2021 09 22 At 13.17.08 

Theatre and Dance NI still retain physical and digital archives of our own resources and documents, including our Dance Library which is available to hire. To find out more, get in contact with Molly at