Théâtre de Choisy-le-Roi are pleased to share with you their first call for applications.

Théâtre de Choisy-le-Roi is a venue for multidisciplinary productions with a programme dedicated to addressing the various events taking place on the international stage. If the performance has spoken word, then the original language is always preferred. Why is that the case? Because we are aware that our city enjoys great cultural diversity and that is reflected in the large number of languages spoken here. Above all, we seek to accommodate this diversity in order to build a special relationship with the people who live here.

The support program for linguistic diversity is an experimental program designed for artists and professional ensembles who are active in the performing arts sector in France or abroad and are interested in looking into the prospects for improved distribution of text-based works.

The programme supports artistic creative projects that incorporate a linguistic dimension by having one or several languages spoken on stage. It offers specific support for skills such as adaptation, translation and surtitling, while exploring the choices available at the production stage.

Eligibility requirements

The creative projects must:

  • Fall within the performing arts sector (excluding cinema and exhibitions);
  • Be classified as contemporary writing;
  • Be mindful of the gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity within the team;
  • Be supported by a minimum of two French or international professional organisations ready to ensure that the creative project will at the very least be presented to an audience and to pledge support for the project.

The organisations supporting the creative project must:

  • Be established as existing legal organisations;
  • Have previously presented at least one creative project to an audience in professional conditions.

Two projects will be selected and supported as co-productions within the framework of a co-financing backed by other private and/or public partners:

  • An international team looking to present its work in France;
  • A France-based team looking to export its work outside France and the French-speaking world.

Each team will benefit from

  • Collaborative preparatory work drawing on our centres of expertise in translation, adaptation, and surtitling in order to bring creative challenges into alignment with economic and technical challenges. If collaborative work on these points is already underway, each team will be able to integrate it into the process.
  • A production grant of a maximum of €10,000, earmarked for financing the resources needed to take linguistic diversity into account (translation, adaptation, surtitling), including a five-day residency in order to complete the work in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective way. To find the most appropriate solution for the travel of the teams and related expenses, the residency may take place at the Théâtre de Choisy-le-Roi, or in any other outside professional structure, in France or abroad.
  • A performance date during the 2023/24 season at the Théâtre de Choisy-le-Roi (separate transfer agreement).


  • 7 February 2022: Deadline for applications
  • From 8 February 2022: Consideration and selection of projects by 3 members of the Théâtre de Choisy-le-Roi team
  • 15 March 2022: Publication of results

The creative projects must begin between 1 April 2022 and 1 April 2023.

Applications may be submitted in French or English, using only this form and must contain:

  • Letters of support from the relevant cultural organisations detailing the nature of the partnership in a few lines;
  • A presentation file introducing the company/artistic ensemble with links to video excerpts of past and present work (max. 2 pages);
  • An artistic file introducing the project (process, aims, casting), a detailed description of the work intending to deal with linguistic diversity, and an implementation schedule (max. 5 pages);
  • A provisional technical data sheet;
  • A provisional production budget including a request for aid from the support program and presenting the funding status (requested/secured) in line according to the model to download on

You can find the full call on our website in English, French and Spanish:

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