Always wanted to try a bit of a step? Well, Edwina Guckian will have you up in no time.

This class is specifically for those new to Irish dancing, be it set, solo, sean nós and no matter what age you are.

Do you already have some dance experience? Come along to the morning workshop!

“Sean Nós dancer Edwina Guckian hails from outside the village of Drumsna in Co. Leitrim. She learned her dancing from her mother and the local dancers of Leitrim and Roscommon. Her style is greatly influenced by the music she grew up listening to the music of Leitrim.

“Sean Nós Dancing is quite a new term to be put on the old style of dancing. Previous to this we referred to it in my area as dancing the single turn. I like to describe my dancing as musical dancing. I dance with the tune and my steps and spontaneity are a reflection of the style of music in Leitrim. It’s been my greatest influence. I dance my interpretation of the music, I dance my thoughts, I dance my character, I dance as me.”

Music plays as much an important role as dancing does in Edwina’s life. “As much as I love dancing, it would be nothing without the music”. She began learning the fiddle from Irene Guckian and her grandfather Ned Lee at the age of 9. She then picked up the tin whistle learning from local man, Padraig Sweeney and Tipperary’s Seán Ryan and in recent years she has taken up the concertina. Edwina decided to further her love of music by studying it in St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra where she later achieved a degree in Music, English and Education and graduated as a primary school teacher in 2010.

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