The Arts Council of Northern Ireland welcomes applications from the widest possible range of individuals, representing all categories under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. We particularly welcome applications by disabled artists and by artists from the generally unionist community as applications from both these demographics are currently under-represented across our programmes aimed at individuals.

Programme Objectives

  • Upskilling NI artists in the use of new, emerging and immersive technology
  • Creation of excellent Digital Art*
  • Programme Priorities
  • Creation of digital arts
  • Supporting artists to make digital art for the first time or working with digital technology which they have not used before.
  • Encouraging cross-sectoral collaboration

*What is Digital Art within the context of this programme?

For this programme digital art is artwork that is created exclusively in the digital space; it can either exist in the digital space or be translated into a physical object or tangible experience through technology. Work that exists only in the digital space can be artwork that is consumed online or offline; the latter having some form of installation in a venue.

This grant programme does not cover the simple digitisation of art (in any artform) or performance and must relate to the development of your artistic practice and digital capability. Filmed performances, audio recordings or video capture of material that would be intended for in-person performance is not suitable as the output of a project proposal, and applications applying for such output activity will be rejected as ineligible. Such filmed or recorded elements can be used as assets within a piece of digital art, for example within animation, virtual experiences, or app development.

Deadline 28th June

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