The purpose of the Commissioning Programme is to enable organisations to commission new work.

The finished work should be in a form capable of being presented, exhibited, published, performed and/or disseminated in its entirety at the point of completion in Northern Ireland (if applicable abroad) either live or online.

This programme prioritises applications that:

  • Propose commissions of high artistic quality;
  • Are planned to reach significant audiences primarily in Northern Ireland through live performance, exhibition, publication, broadcast, recording, and/or other audience channels;
  • Provide for an extended life and/or extended public reach and impact for the work or project that has been created;
  • Demonstrate a strong collaborative-engagement process between the commissioner, performers and the commissioned artist(s) in the development of the new work; and
  • Demonstrate innovation and deepen the experience and understanding of the artform.

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Deadline 1st November