Freelancers Make Theatre Work Need your Voice!

The Big Freelancer Survey will remain open a little longer as they are still receiving loads of responses but please don’t wait to fill it in if you haven’t already. Systemic change is needed to build a fairer future and evidence-based lobbying is vital to this. If you are a freelancer working in performing arts, TV, Film, Live Events, or if you have recently left, please complete the Big Freelancer Survey 2022 to make your voice heard, and to have your say on the future of the sector.The Big Freelancer Survey 2022 aims to provide a detailed report of the past 12 months, this data will feed into ongoing lobbying of both industry bodies and government, informing them where support is most needed and what the greatest issues facing freelancers are.With your help they are building a better, more accurate picture of our industry.

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