Building Capacity for the Cultural Industries: Towards a Shared Island Approach for Dance and Theatre has received recognition for research impact by UCD.

Theatre and Dance NI were a contributor to the research conducted by Dr Durrer, along with dance and theatre practitioners, arts policymakers and academic researchers; to examine the extent, nature and impact of cross-island relationships in the performing arts. They found that dance and theatre on the island are deeply interdependent, with the workforce requiring cross-island mobility for work, training and development. The group’s findings were published in a report that presents practical recommendations for high-level policymakers and those working within dance and theatre. Several collaborators have since initiated new cross-island activities, and the project’s findings have informed new policy developments (such as Arts Council Ireland’s all-island dance company initiative and Creative Ireland’s Shared Island Shared Communities programme) all of which are helping foster more sustainable livelihoods in performing arts on the island.

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