Creative Majority: An APPG for Creative Diversity report on ‘What Works’ to support, encourage and improve equity, diversity and inclusion in the creative sector.

The Creative Majority  report is the culmination of a collaborative research project, commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Creative Diversity. It represents a partnership between the APPG Creative Diversity chaired by Baroness Deborah Bull and Labour MP Chi Onwurah with King’s College London and The University of Edinburgh, alongside support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and NBCUniversal. The partners have worked together to address the question of workforce equity in the creative and cultural sector. Much has been written about inequality in this workforce, with extensive evidence already demonstrating the barriers to employment and leadership opportunities across the industry. The Creative Majority  report addresses this issue through a ‘What Works’ approach. It aimed to understand what has worked to improve equity in the creative and cultural sectors, and what can be learned from other sectors to transform the creative labour forces of the future.

The report draws from evidence submissions and roundtable consultations, as well as a review of the academic literature. The literature review is at the centre of the report, and is the basis of many of its recommendations. It examined ‘What Works’ to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, from fields as diverse as medicine, science, technology, engineering, maths, education, and management studies. The review offers the evidence of practices to support diversity that work.

The review of the specific and sometimes limited academic literature is brought into dialogue with lived experiences and examples of effective action within the creative and cultural sectors. This evidence was gathered through an open call for evidence and a series of online round tables chaired by the APPG and attended by participants and representatives from across the creative and cultural sectors.

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