Professional Dance Safety: Guidance for developing COVID-19 policy & protocols for professional dance workers.

This guidance was commissioned by Dance Ireland and prepared by Peter Jordan of Slua Event Safety Consultancy, in consultation with Dance Ireland. It contains essential information to support a safe return to work in dance whilst living with COVID-19. It provides a detailed overview of current health and safety advice, information on how to create a safe environment for rehearsals and performance, and how to respond if a case of COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed in a cast or crew.

This document has been reviewed by Dr Nick Allen (Clinical Director, Birmingham Royal Ballet) who is a special advisor on dance and COVID-19, and further reviewed by medical consultants Medmark to ensure it aligns with current public health advice in Ireland. It has also been reviewed by consultants working on behalf of the Arts Council and the expert group for the Department for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Media & Sport and has been approved by the Government for publication (April 2021).

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