In August, a group of excited young people from DU Dance (NI) and Beyond Skin headed to Leipzig, Germany for the new phase of the Cultural Bridge project.

The exchange project supports young people to build a global network, feel more connected to the global community and experience art as a medium for creative, cultural, and political expression.  The intention is that the participants will create awareness and advocacy productions about the environmental issues all their communities face, while developing vital skills and confidence that will invigorate them to continue activism and make an impact on their communities.

One participant explains what being involved means to them:

“The experience I have valued the most so far has been the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the various perspectives on the topics discussed as we create our project together”

After the week in Germany, the group travelled together to Belfast to continue the project.  They met with Maurice Macartney, a musician with Beyond Skin and an active member of the Green Party since 2013.  Maurice  talked about the impact of climate change on Northern Ireland specifically.

The week culminated with a series of outdoor performances around Belfast city centre on Thursday 17th August which was the young people’s response to the climate crisis involving music, dance and theatre.

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DU Dance NI’s Cultural Bridge Project involving a group of local young people and young people from Leipzig, Germany. Performances in Belfast City Centre 17th August 2023.