Rana’s School of Ballet Presents “Toys & Dreams”: A Captivating Ballet Performance by Talented Students

Belfast, [10 Jul 2023] – Rana’s School of Ballet is proud to announce the resounding success of their recent ballet production, “Toys & Dreams,” which took place on July 7th and 8th at the prestigious MAC in Belfast. The enchanting show featured a talented cast of 85 students ranging in age from 4 to 22, captivating the audience with their exceptional skills and artistry.

Rana’s School of Ballet, known for its commitment to providing Royal Academy of Dance syllabus training, offers classes across 15 different levels in Belfast City Centre, West Belfast, and Carryduff. Under the guidance of esteemed instructors, including the renowned Royal Academy of Dance qualified teacher Denise Rogan and the school’s founder, Rana O’Brien, the students receive comprehensive training in the timeless art of ballet.

Denise Rogan, who shares a special bond with Rana O’Brien and the school, commenced her ballet journey as a young girl in Rana’s classes. Fuelled by her passion for ballet, Denise dedicated her life to the art form and eventually became a ballet teacher herself. Currently, she oversees the West Belfast and Carryduff branches of the school, nurturing aspiring dancers and instilling in them a deep appreciation for ballet.

“Toys & Dreams” holds a significant place in the school’s history, with its first performance dating back to 2008 in Lisburn Island. Back then, Denise Rogan, then a student of the school, performed as one of the four sisters, the lead roles in the production. This year, the roles were masterfully portrayed by Leah McNally, Ella Fitzpatrick, Annabelle French, and Jaynie Gwynne, talented students undergoing vocational ballet training. These four young performers, also in training with the High Points Youth Ballet Community Interest Company, exhibited remarkable dedication and passion, setting the stage ablaze with their remarkable talent.

Reflecting on the experience, Denise Rogan, who assumed the roles of both teacher and stage manager, expressed profound emotions, stating, “Taking part in this production as a teacher and stage manager was an incredibly moving experience for me. It feels like just yesterday when I was dancing on the same stage as a student. I am immensely proud of my teacher, Rana O’Brien, and myself. Our unwavering commitment to ballet teaching and our school drives us forward, and we live for these moments.”

Rana O’Brien, the visionary behind Rana’s School of Ballet, feels blessed to be immersed in her work. She considers it a privilege to begin training children as young as 4 years old, witnessing their growth into beautiful individuals who persevere in ballet alongside their academic education, from primary school to university levels. Rana’s students, pursuing various professions, recognise the inherent value and power of ballet as an art form. Whether they become doctors, lawyers, teachers, costume designers, engineers, or ballet teachers like Denise, their contributions will undoubtedly enrich and uplift our community.

Beyond its physical benefits, ballet training encourages movement to beautiful music, enabling self-expression, self-discipline, and fostering self-confidence. Rana’s School of Ballet wholeheartedly embraces these principles, empowering students to discover their potential, both on and off the stage.

For more information about Rana’s School of Ballet, their programs, and upcoming performances, please visit www.ranasschoolofballet.com or contact ranaobrien@icloud.com.