Safe to Create is currently undertaking a piece of research asking for the perspective of senior management and board members of arts and creative organisations on the structures in place for mitigating against and dealing with harmful workplace behaviour.

This piece of research aims to identify the barriers to good governance and Dignity at Work in Ireland’s publicly funded arts and creative organisations, and calls on those in charge to provide insight into what is working and what needs to change to hold perpetrators to account. Importantly, the insights gathered will guide and assist Safe to Create in the development of further supports, toolkits, training and other materials to improve workplace experience in our sector.

If you are a Senior Manager, Director or Board member of an arts/culture organisation, Safe to Create is inviting you to participate in this research by completing this very short (10 mins max) anonymous online survey.

Your participation is really important: by letting us know your most pressing issues, we can then provide the most useful supports.

The survey is open until January 31st 2024 and can be completed at any time between those dates at this link.

Findings from this research will be published in the first half of 2024 on the Safe to Create website. See for more information.