ISPD is running a research project at the moment in association with Theatre Forum and AIST regarding the Tungsten to LED transition. This project is funded by Arts Council IE Capacity Building Scheme and is being led by lighting designers Kevin Smith, Sarah Jane Shiels and Sinéad Wallace.

The first part of the project involves this survey which ISPD are asking venues across the island of Ireland to complete. As this has already been distributed widely to technical managers, there has been considerable take up but ISPD are still waiting on some responses. If your venue is yet to respond, we’d be really grateful if you could complete.

Tungsten lighting has been the main light source in performance spaces for many decades. However, the move to LED is inevitable: many tungsten bulbs manufacturers have discontinued producing them and, consequently, not only they are harder to find but also, they are becoming increasingly expensive. Besides, LED fittings are far more efficient and reduce energy consumption by around 80%, having far less impact on the environment.

Although the EU Ecodesign Directive regulations wrote an exception to stage lighting in 2020, allowing venues to keep most of the tungsten and arc sources in rotation, with the rising cost of energy, the durability of LED lights sources, and a more conscious approach to sustainable practices in the arts, the transition is accelerating.

Many venues have started implementing LED equipment. However, there are no standards in place to execute this transition and there are several risks that need to be addressed.

Read more and take the survey here